AN Quick Stitch

Proudly part of the canvas bargaining council

The original company AN Quick Stitch (Pty) Ltd was started in 1986 by Anita Niemand. The first product line was the manufacturing of clear lunch bags for the mining industry. The company grew from strength and a number of products were developed and introduced to the mining industry as well as other sectors of the market. During 2013 the company was approached to assist the mining industry with spiral ducting, ventilation seals and pillar supports. 

Besides the mining industry, the company also assist the transport industry with various sizes and colours of Tarpaulin’s for trucks, trailers and heavy duty machinery.

Various high-tech equipment was purchased such as a hot air welder for airtight and watertight welding on our spiral ducting range, Miller hot air welder to seal the huge ventilation seals and heavy duty sewing machines to assist with the pillar support manufacturing. Items that are hot air welded can be used for dams, fuel tanks etc


The South African Council for Businesswoman awarded Anita Niemand the North West Region Entrepreneur Business woman of the year in august 1997. This qualified her to be enrolled for the national title and to great delight of the family and staff; she was crowned National Business women of the year winner at a gala function in Pretoria on the 20 th October 1997.

The year 1997 was great year for AN Quick Stitch. Naschem Denel received gold medals for all the heated rescue equipment manufactured and designed by Anita Niemand. The best new invention for the Geneva Show 1997 was awarded to Naschem for a Heated infant Transport Unit designed and manufactured by AN Quick Stitch.

AN Quick Stitch won the Old Mutual business of the year ward in 1998 for North West Province. The business was also awarded to be one of the finalists in the national Business of the year competition.

The SABS Design institute awarded Louna Stander an award for designing the Portable Fresh Air Bag on the 17 th November 2003.

The Business was ISO certified on 3 September 2004 SANS/ISO 9001:2008

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